Employee Programs At Radian, we aim to create an environment that encourages opportunity, balance and wellness. We encourage participation in our employee programs.
Radian Connected provides our employees with opportunities to get involved in ways that support their passions. This employee engagement group is built on three channels: Community, Social, and Development. Each channel offers programs and events for employees to participate in, regardless of their work location – our emphasis is on ONE Radian and our shared culture. Through Radian Connected, employees can collaborate with one another, take on leadership roles, and learn through experiences and shared interests.

Examples of programming:
  • Online auctions and golf outings supporting Corporate philanthropies (Community Channel)
  • Online games and getting-to-know-you networking events (Social Channel)
  • Lunch-and-learns presented by business leaders and skill-based mentoring (Development Channel)

We believe in the importance of connecting with one another and with others outside of Radian. We recognize the power of ONE Radian while addressing the many individual needs and interests of our employees. We know that working together on initiatives that support our passions helps to make our team stronger. Radian Connected provides opportunities to make these connections and more.