Without Limits' vision is to create a supportive and inclusive environment for neurodivergent individuals, fostering their empowerment, and celebrating their unique strengths. Through community outreach, charitable support and educational programs Without Limits works to make a difference in the lives of our neurodivergent employees and allies. 

Intersectional Strides: Bridging Neurodiversity & Black History with Bingo

Without Limits hosted Intersectional Strides: Bridging Neurodiversity and Black History Month with a Leap Day Bingo raising $2,000 for The Color of Autism, an Organization that strives "to end the stigma of autism spectrum disorders in communities of color."

Winners from the event were awarded a gift card to Popcorn for the People. Popcorn for the People was created to "fill a gap in the employment market where disabled individuals can have respectable job opportunities, equitable pay, proper training, and employment resources." 100% of the profits of Popcorn for the People get reinvested back into the organization to increase their impact.