At every turn on these crossroads at Radian, we are learning new things about each other - our backgrounds, our culture, our similarities, and our differences. All of these are what make us vibrant. Vibrant Crossroads aims to spark thoughtful and educational conversations about all cultures while providing Radian members opportunities to interact and build stronger relationships. In this remote landscape, we are excited to build a sense of belonging and invite Radian members from all backgrounds to explore different foods, music, cultures, and more.

Creating Cultural Experiences

One of the best ways to discover local cultures and history is through food. It is an easy way to expand your cultural palette and find commonalities. Vibrant Crossroads used a Universal Yum: Scandinavia box of treats to help give Radian employees that experience without ever having to leave the comfort of home! On top of the delicious treats, Universal Yums provided a booklet containing fun facts about Scandinavia, and some sneak peeks of the region's rich culture and destinations. 

Exploring Cultural Representation at Radian

At Radian, Our People are the Difference and the richness of our diversity runs deep. Our employees represent more than 30 diverse cultures from around the world, and our community is stronger because of it. Vibrant Crossroads gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate our cultures, and what makes us different, as well as discover what parts of our cultural backgrounds and values we share. 

Celebrating Our Heritage and Experiences

One of the many ways that Vibrant Crossroads brings together employees from across Radian is through hosting virtual events. Many of these events take place around heritage months such as Black History Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and more. These events encourage our employees to share their stories and shift their perspectices. 
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