Internship Program

Networking and Growth are the two pillars our internship program is built upon. The program's goal is to provide students a peek into the financial services sector while gaining hands on experience in their field of study. Our interns work on meaningful, real-world projects that have a direct impact on our strategic priorities. 

Radian’s Summer Internship Program provides opportunities to undergraduate (Juniors/Seniors) and Graduate/Master's students to support and learn from various business units across Radian's many locations. The summer program generally last 10 weeks between early June and August with recruiting beginning in the prior Fall.

While we offer a traditional summer internship experience each summer, you may find additional internship opportunities available throughout the year. In the Philadelphia area, Radian has also partnered with Drexel University to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to participate in a six-month “on the job” training (via a Co-Op) within various business areas throughout Radian.


Chat & Chews
Join Radian business leaders for informal networking opportunities over lunch. During these sessions you get face to face time with our business leaders to learn more about Radian business initiatives, the leaders career trajectory, and your fellow interns.
Executive Coffee Break
Take a break and join Radian’s Executive team for coffee and networking. An opportunity to chat informally with Radian's top leaders about their career paths,  hear from them on career advice, and learn more about what makes Radian thrive. 
End of Summer Showcase
The End of Summer Showcase is the culmination of our Summer internship program! Interns, managers, and various business leaders get together to discuss what projects and initiatives were completed throughout the internship program. During this session, our interns get to experience presenting in a corporate environment while putting the tips and tools provided in the Presentation workshop to work!


Career Building Workshop
Take your career to the next level by learning directly from Radian recruiters on topics including effective interviewing, updating your resume, and networking skills. During this workshop our Talent Acquisition team also offer their expertise and services to review your resume and provide personalized feedback and recommendations.
Effective Presentation Workshop
Nervous about presenting and public speaking? This workshop is great way to learn about top tips and tools to be an effective presenter. Learn directly from our core Talent and Development team on how to best tackle and execute on your future projects and presentations, including your Radian End of Summer Showcase!
Professional Brand Workshop
You only get one shot at a first impression. During this workshop you will learn how to best utilize LinkedIn to showcase your professional brand. We bring you industry best practices, tips and tricks to get your profile noticed, and help you get the most out of the resources at your fingertips. 

Hear from Current/Past Interns & Mentors

"Participating in Radian’s internship program has been one of the greatest professional and personal decisions I’ve made and I’d encourage any law student to get involved."
Madeline Holler
Former Legal Intern
"[Radian] is a great place to learn a myriad of skills from mentors, leaders, and colleagues. Inspiration, self-awareness, influencing outcomes, organizational agility, not being afraid to fail, and delivering on our promises are just a few of the soft skills you can learn here."
Ed Mayer
SVP, Enterprise Services and Delivery
 "I believe Radian embodies the true spirit of for the people by the people. During my internship, my team offered me the freedom to implement my ideas and truly experience what a successful team looks like."
Sunayana Shrivastava
Former Program Delivery Intern
“Radian is a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. The experiences I have gained along the way are irreplaceable and valuable to my career growth."
Sasidhar Sirivella
Former Enterprise Data Governance Intern
"Our goal is to introduce our interns and co-op students to as many people as possible so they gain a broad understanding of Radian’s mortgage and real estate services businesses, while learning how to deliver IT projects and programs."
Alissa Ware
AVP, Enterprise Delivery
I have nothing but positive things to say about my internship here at Radian. I feel like I have been able to contribute to important projects and gain valuable work experience in a short period of time. This internship has helped me to identify important aspects/attributes for what I would like my future career to look like."
Cailee Murphy
Safety, Security & Resilience Intern
"Inclusion and diversity is the key to solving complex problems and looking at things with difference lenses. The intern and co-op programs at Radian allow me to recruit and retain some of the brightest new entrants into the information security field. We recently had a two-time intern join our team full time upon graduation. He is on his third rotation and continues to grow his knowledge across the various security disciples"
Donna Ross
Chief Information Security Officer
"My favorite part about being an intern at Radian has been working from start to finish on numerous meaningful projects, which are then distributed throughout the organization. Through my role, I feel as though I am making a difference at Radian, and that feeling has made this program one of the most rewarding experiences of my life."
Sarah Howell
Enterprise Risk Management Intern
“Radian is a great place to intern because it has a great atmosphere across the board that encourages growth through understanding each task given. I have been challenged in such a healthy way and know way more than I did when I started!.”

Sharri Kambesis
Procurement Vendor Management Intern
"Radian is an exciting place to work that truly cares about employees. I liked that the company’s executives took the time to have a lunch with the interns and listen to questions we had. The culture here offers respect between coworkers that effortlessly creates professional relationships."
David Floyd
Former Intern, Current Internal Auditor
“Everyone here at Radian works to teach you so much [and aims] to see you succeed in your position and your future. Radian is such a great place to intern because they have a lot of great programs for you to participate in not only in your field of work but in your professional development."
Kelly Schuehler
Former Human Resources Intern
"[My] internship experience led me to a full-time role that allowed me to take on responsibilities and decisions critical to the enterprise. I was fortunate enough to spread my knowledge to new interns who have come in every season. Radian has given me the confidence to lead, execute, and own the decisions in my career."
Sharath Chandra
Former Intern, Current Enterprise Data Governance Analyst