A Year of Connection The holiday season spreads joy worldwide but here at Radian, we pride ourselves in spreading joy year-round. In 2022, Radian held many events to bring the community together. Between the People Team Summit, opening of our Cherry Hill office, baseball games, and more our employees had the opportunity to reunite for fun, learning, and idea-sharing.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cherry Hill Opening

The opening of our Cherry Hill Office has created another place for employees to work in person and connect with each other daily. Beautiful, accessible, and brand-new, this space gives room for more hallway chats, spontaneous brainstorming, and just being together.

People Strategy & Connection Summit

Connection Hub Baseball Games

Throughout the summer and into fall, baseball games took place across a variety of our Connection Hubs, starting with our original home base in Philadelphia. Jeff Berg, SVP, homegenius.com Product Owner, even made an amazing catch at the Rockies vs. Giants game in Denver!​​​​​​​
PA Conference for Women
Several of our Women Heard ERG members spent the day at the 19th annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women connecting with professionals spanning multiple industries to advance gender equity.
Run, Walk, and Roll
75 Radian employees, friends, and family members participated in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities during the event timeframe. Including the Radian match, we raised over $5,200 in support of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.  
As the holiday season comes around, it's the perfect time to show appreciation for our colleagues who bring outstanding dedication and resilience to work every day. Pictured are employees at our Bethesda office enjoying each other's company with a special Friendsgiving potluck.